Finance categories allow you to keep track of where the money your users are requesting is actually going! Users will be prompted to select a category when they submit both purchase and funding requests using the Finance tool. This information will also be available in your reports, allowing you to look holistically at how money is being spent over time. Examples of finance categories include travel, equipment rental, food, and merchandise.

To create your finance categories, go to your Admin view, select the Finance dropdown menu, and select Finance Categories.


A list of your available categories will appear on the left. Add a new category by giving it a name in the box on the right hand side and click Add.

The category will populate on the left. You can edit any of these categories by clicking on its name, or delete categories using the red X. If you delete a category, you will be prompted to replace that category with another that will remain in existence. This ensures that all funding and purchase requests will remain tied to a category in your site.



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