Finance Types are used when creating a Deposit or Payment transaction to describe the method in which the money was transferred in the Finance system. Some common examples include Cash, Check, and University Transfer.

Adding a new Finance Type

Head to the Admin view and select the Finance drop down, then choose Finance Types under the Settings heading.


On the right side, enter the Finance Type name in the text field, clicking the green Add button when done.

Editing or Removing Finance Types

To edit an existing Finance Type, select the name from the list on the left hand side. Make your desired edits, and select Save to return to the list with your updated option.



To delete an existing finance type, select the red X to the right of the finance name. From the next page, you'll need to select which Finance Type will need to replace the existing one assigned to any requests with that type. Once you've made your selection, simply hit Save to return to the types list.


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