Engage can send you e-mail notifications and in-system messages for various activities that occur within the system. To manage your notification preferences, access your User Drawer by clicking on your photo or initial in the top right corner and click Account.


Here, you can update your preferred email address if you would rather have emails sent somewhere other than your campus email. All emails sent from the system, including discussion comments, organization invitations, and event invitations will be re-routed to this preferred address.


You can also choose to turn on Text Message Notifications in the Profile tab. Simply enter your 10-digit phone number, including area code, and select your phone carrier from the drop-down menu.


Notification Preferences

From the menu at the top of the page, select Notifications.

First, determine your mass messaging settings. This setting determines whether you would like to receive messages sent through the system from your campus administrators, your organization leaders, or neither.

Then, review a list of common notifications sent within the system. These notifications are most likely to be sent to most users. For each notification, select the boxes under "System" and "Email" to indicate where you would like to receive notifications.


Open up Advanced Preferences to review additional notifications. Many of these will only be delivered to you if you hold a particular role in the community.




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