Once you have uploaded a document to your organization, you may need to return to update, share, delete, or change its permission settings. You must be either the Primary Contact of your organization or an officer with full access to Documents to update files in your organization.

To update a document, access the Documents tool of your organization's Action Center. Locate the document or folder you'd like to update and click the three-bullet icon on the right hand side of the document listing.


When updating a document folder, you have the following options:

  • Open the folder to see its contents.
  • Move the folder into another folder or to the document homepage.
  • Rename the folder.
  • Edit the folder's visibility Permissions.
  • Delete the folder and its contents. Once a document folder is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

When updating an individual file, you have the following options:

  • Share to generate a link to the file.
  • Move the file in or out of a folder.
  • Rename the file.
  • Change the file's document Type.
  • Update the file's visibility Permissions.
  • Delete the file. Once a file is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

To replace a document with a new version, you will need to first delete or rename the old version before uploading the new/updated version of the file.

Only community-wide administrators who have full access to documents will be able to delete constitutions from organization pages.


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