After you’ve created a form and distributed it, the next step is to manage incoming submissions. To begin, navigate to your Action Center through the Manage view of the site.


Approving, Denying, or Reviewing Form Submissions

On your Action Center home page, navigate toward the bottom of the page until you see "General Forms" under Pending Submissions. This will show you a list of all of the forms you have the ability to either review or approve/deny.


Click the name of a form, or click "View All" to see all of the forms in your queue. When you select View All, you will have some filtering options. Any user can filter between submissions based on their status: pending, approved, or denied. Certain users may also see an additional "Showing" filter. This filter dynamically updates based on your relationship to the submissions in the queue. Most users will not see this box at all, but any user who serves as both a reviewer and an approver on form submissions will see the ability to filter between various submissions.

Approval.png       Filter.png

Select the name of the form to review its contents. On the submission page, you will see the ability to expand/collapse all sections to make your reviewing easier. You can also click the print icon in the upper right hand corner to print the submission or generate a PDF. At the bottom, you'll see a discussion section where you can leave comments that will be visible to others involved, including the submitter of the form and any other administrators with access to the submission.


When you are ready, make your decision using either the "Approval" or "Your Review" box on the right hand side, based on your role and relationship to the submission. Remember that final approval is not based on reviewer feedback and that final approvers can make this decision at any time. If you are a final approver, you can leave a custom comment when making your decision that will be sent to the submitter.


If you are a voting reviewer, simply give your thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate whether you think the form should be approved. If you are a non-voting reviewer, you can comment on the submission using the discussion wall.


Exporting or Approving All Submissions of a Form

At any point, you can export form submissions in mass. You can also approve all submissions to a single form at once. To do this, navigate to the Forms tool, either in the organization's Action Center or in the Admin view, depending on where the form was created. To export all submissions in mass, simply go to the submission list (shown in an organization's Action Center below).


Locate the Export All button at the top of the page. These submission exports run through a queue and you will receive an email as soon as the report has been processed.


From this same page, select the check box that selects all submissions and then hit "Approve" to approve all submissions in mass.


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