After you’ve created a form, the next step is to distribute it. Open the form properties of the form you would like to publish. Select the "Share Form" button.

Note that in order to share the form, it needs to be active and open within the current date range. If the form is an organization form rather than an admin form, it will also appear in the organization's form section and the form directory (unless hidden) for all applicable users before you have selected the "Share Form" button. 

Clicking "Share Form" provides you with a link for the form. If the form is an admin form rather than an organization form and you have enabled only certain primary contacts to access it, you can also choose to notify those specific users of the form on this page as well. 

If you intend on sending a message to specific users with a link to the form, copy the URL and paste it into your message using our message relays.

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