After you’ve created a form, the next step is to distribute it. On your list of forms, look for the Publish option. This is visible on the right side of the page. Note: if you’re in an organization make sure to click Manage Forms first.



First, you have the ability to change the form status between active and inactive. Typically, if you’ve clicked the Publish button it means you’re ready to distribute the form so make sure the form status is set to active. Next, you’re provided the form URL. If you intend on sending a message with a link to the form, copy the URL and paste it into your message using our message relays.

Note: If a form is active in an organization, it will automatically be added to the form list. The publish feature is used to generate the shareable URL.


If you’re creating the form within the Admin view, you have an additional option to send the form link as a notification to all primary contacts with access to the form. If you're curious which primary contacts will receive the notification, jump back into the form builder, click Form Properties in the top right, then look under the section titled Submission Restrictions. If nothing is selected, it means there are no restrictions on the form so all primary contacts will receive the notification. If one or multiple group types are selected, only the primary contacts in organizations under that group type will be notified.


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