Question logic is a feature within Engage forms that allows form creators to present users a page of questions based on their responses to previous questions within the form. To set up logic, jump into the form you are building and from the list of pages, click on the page for which you’d like to apply logic. This is the page that should be shown if certain conditions are met. Note: You cannot apply conditions to the first page of a form.

If you’re looking at the page that you want to apply conditions, click Page Properties in the top right.


This will generate a pop-up. Select the Conditions tab then click the blue +Add Condition button. Next, click Select Question. Your available options are all questions that exist in the form prior to the page you’re currently viewing. After you choose a question, pick an answer choice (or simply the name of the question if it is not a multiple choice question), and then complete the logic statement (i.e. show the page if the answer choice to this question is selected). Your selection here determines the type of response you're looking for in order for this page of the form to populate.


After you complete one condition, you can add more conditions. If you choose to add another condition, you’ll notice an “AND” dropdown appear. This determines how your conditions will be combined. For example, if you stick with “AND,” both of the conditions you set up have to be met in order for the page to be display. If you switch this to “OR,” only one of the conditions listed will have to be met in order for the page to display.

Example: There’s a club on campus that requires every member to re-register their membership each school year. On this application, they’d like to include the ability to apply for an officer position, but not everyone is eligible. In order to apply, the student must be a senior or have served at least 50 volunteer hours with a GPA of 3.0.

To implement this logic, the club must first create a form page for officer applications. Next, set up the logic as such: the student is a senior OR the student has at least 50 volunteer hours AND the student has a GPA higher than 3.0. This means that the applicant will see the officer application only if they are a senior or have at least 50 volunteer hours with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The last option within the logic piece is the ability to group your conditions. If you choose to group conditions, you can isolate a group of conditions so they are treated as one. To do this, click the checkbox next to each condition you want to group then click the Group Selected button. On the right side of the page, you can determine if you want the page to display if the group comes out as true (the conditions are met) or false.


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