Engage offers the ability to modify your organization registration process to fit your campuses needs. Admins can build custom forms to be included within the registration process, but there are also several built-in steps the system provides. In this article, you will find a description of each of these available steps, whether you are an admin building out your process or a student or user navigating the process of submitting a registration request.


You can write custom instructions to detail your registration process and include any reminders or information you would want your users to know. Instructions are read-only and do not require any action on behalf of the user submitting the request.

Organization Profile

The Organization Profile step allows users to provide basic details and information about their organization, such as the organization description, contact information, and social media links. The Organization Profile step is required for every organization registration process and cannot be removed by campus administrators. The profile step is where any organization additional fields created by campus administrators will appear for users to complete.

Organization Profile Picture

Organizations are also required to upload a profile photo to show in the organization directory and on their organization's page. The profile picture step is required for all organizations and cannot be removed by administrators. The image you select will automatically run through an image resizer, so the larger the better! Your profile photo will appear in a circular shape in the directory and on your organization page, so expect the edges of the photo to be cropped.

Organization Categories

As a branch admin, you can also require users to select organization categories when registering. As a user submitting the registration request, keep in mind that potential members will be able to sort through all organizations on campus by category when looking for organizations to join, so you'll want to pick the categories most relevant to your organization.

Organization Interests

Admins can also require that your organizations select interests when registering. Organization interests are used to recommend your organization and your organization's events with users who have identified similar interests in their personal profiles.

Organization Roster

The Roster step allows administrators to hold organizations accountable to having a certain number of required and optional Positions, and/or a certain number of members on their organization roster when registering. As an admin creating a registration, you can select which required and option positions you would like to make available to users, as well as determine how many members have to be on the organization's roster when the request is submitted.

As a user completing the request, you will be able to view and fulfill your roster requirements. You can either add individual members to specific positions or add members in bulk.


Upload Constitution - Bylaws

The Upload Constitution step requires your users to submit their organization's constitution or bylaws when they submit the registration request.


Branch administrators may also include additional forms and acknowledgements that users need to complete. These forms are created using our form builder and will be integrated into the organization registration process. As an admin, click on Forms to add any admin forms to your process. Examples of forms you might include in your organization registration process include an anti-hazing agreement, an involvement fair sign-up, or an advisor agreement form.

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