As an Engage branch administrator, one of your important responsibilities will be to manage the approval process for new organizations on campus. The following article provides a walkthrough for navigating this process!

Reviewing Organization Registration Submissions

To review your registration submissions, first access the Manage view. Find your administrative branch, and select "Registrations" from the Branch Tools. This will take you to a list of all of the registrations in your branch. You can identify which registrations have new submissions by looking to the right under "New Reg" and "Re-Reg" at the # New under each type of submission. Based on how the registration was assigned, you might see either new registrations or re-registrations coming through for approval.

Click on the "# New" link for the submissions you wish to review. You will be provided a list of the registration submissions, including the user who submitted it, the name of the organization, its status, the date the request was completed, and the name of the requested organization. Click the magnifying glass icon to the far right of the submission to view its details.

Once within the details for the request, you can click through each page of the submission to review its content or simply jump to a page you'd like to review. Prior to approval or denial of the submission, you can leave a comment in the "Comment" box. This text will be included in the message to the user who submitted the registration request. Click Approve or Deny to finalize your decision. If you would like to request changes from a user, include those requested changes in the "Comments" box and click "Deny." This message will be sent to the user and they will have the ability to make changes and resubmit the request without having to start from the beginning of the process.


Exporting and Printing Submissions

At any point, you can export registration submissions individually or in mass. To export a specific registration submission, simply click the print icon (either on the submission list or when viewing a specific submission). This will generate a PDF which can be saved or printed.

To export all submissions in mass, simply go to the submission list by clicking on the "# New" link for New Reg or Re-Reg and locate the Export All button at the top of the page. These submission exports run through a queue and you will receive an email as soon as the report has been processed.


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