As a branch administrator, you have the ability to create one or more registration processes for new and existing organizations within your branch. Registrations ensure your users are filling out the information you need to have in order to approve an organization and/or to create an Engage site for an organization. To create an organization registration process, navigate to your Action Center and locate your administrative branch. Scroll down to the "Branch Tools" and click Registrations.

Click the menu icon (3 vertical dots) at the top right side of the page to reveal the +Create Registration option.

*Note: You can now Archive (and Restore) Registrations, both individually and in bulk from the registration List

You will then be asked to provide basic properties about your registration. Enter a name and the instructions you would like to appear to your users who will be completing this registration. Then, indicate if the registration should be Active. The registration will not be available to users or organizations unless it is designated as Active, no matter the dates associated with the registration. You can also indicate if the registration should be open, with no end date, or if there should be specific start and end times to this specific process. In an Open registration, users can go through the process multiple times and continually update the information. In a Closed registration, users can only submit one submission per organization during the registration period. Finally, you can specify the number of days this registration will only be available to certain officer positions. This feature is only available for re-registering organizations. You can click the information icon to read more about how this feature functions. When you are done, click Create

To review your new process you can use our Outline View which can be accessed through your Registrations List. This view will:

  • Give you a comprehensive overview of all of the questions a submitter could potentially see when submitting to your Registration Process.
  • Respect the step order you have outlined and will display each page as its own section.
  • Include a breakdown of the Roster requirements for each of the Organization Types assigned to your Registration Process.

Now that your registration has been created, click on its name from the full registrations list to continue the building process. You will first see the Properties tab with the information you provided.

Registration Steps

Navigate to the Steps tab to view a list of steps you can integrate into your process. To add a step to your registration, click on its name under "Available Steps" and you will see it move to "Selected Steps." Re-order your steps as needed by using the blue arrows that appear when you hover over the step or remove the step by clicking on the red "X". These steps save automatically after any action is taken. Note that the only way you can preview the registration process to ensure that all components have been included is to complete a registration and then Deny the submission.

Customizing the Data Collected During Registration

If you have additional information that needs to be collected during the registration process, you can create a Form containing any additional items that are required. After you have created your form, add an administrative form into your registration process by clicking Forms and then clicking the green plus sign to the left of the form you wish to add.

Incorporating Recorded Training Videos

To accommodate recorded training videos students can watch as part of submitting a registration, you can create a Form and have an Instructions question that includes links to one or more sites where you have a video hosted for students to review. Make sure the links you place in the Instructions question open in a new window to allow students to more easily click between content. In the format section, when you click on a link you've added it will open a window that allows you to change the Target and specifiy where the link will open:


Position Templates

If you determined that you want the process to be limited to certain Positions within the organization in the Properties tab, you can select those specific positions under Position Templates. Note that this selection does not affect the requirements of an organization roster, but instead affects which individuals can submit the re-registration on behalf of the organization.


Finally, navigate to the Notifications tab to manage who will receive an email notification for each submission of this registration. These users will only be able to review or manage submissions if they are given the appropriate level of user access.

Now that your registration process has been created, you can read more about assigning registration processes to new and existing organizations.

Sharing your Organization Registration
Organization Registrations are restricted to members of the community and are behind the login process. Sharing the URL to the default "Register Organization" page(i.e., can cause errors if the user is not already logged into Engage. We suggest directing students to go to log into Engage and navigate to the "Organizations" Tab on the left-hand side, to start their registration process.



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