As a community administrator, you have the ability to post pieces of information to your users' home pages. Alerts help make your content more visible and promote traffic because Alerts appear in a prime location that users are highly likely to see!


To create an Alert, navigate to the Admin view from the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of your screen, select the Configure dropdown, and then select Alerts.

Click the "Create Alert" button to start the process. You then have the ability to give your Alert a title and a description using the rich text editor. The text you enter here will display on the home page, and must be fewer than 200 characters in length. 


If you want to promote an administrative form within your alert, you can do so by using the hyperlink feature in the rich text editor. First, navigate to the form by selecting Manage and then Forms. Find the form you wish to link to your Alert and click Publish


This will generate a public link to your form that you can copy and paste to use in your alert. Return to your Alert and highlight the text where you want to insert the form link. Click the icon on the far right of your toolbar that says "Insert/edit link" and paste the copied URL. If you want the form to open in a new window, be sure to select "New Window" next to "Target."


You can have as many alerts created in the system as you'd like, but only 3 can be active and shown on the home page at a given time. You can choose which Alerts show on the home page by switching them from Inactive to Active


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