Engage administrators have the ability to create custom event categories. Event categories allow you and your users to classify events in ways that are relevant to your campus community. When users create events within their organizations, they will be able to tie events to multiple categories that fit the event being hosted. Event categories also function as a search option within the public event list, allowing users to search for events that are associated with their personal areas of interest.

To create or edit your event categories, navigate to your community admin tools by switching to the Admin view. Access event categories by clicking the "Events" dropdown and then Event Categories.

Click on Create Event Category. You will be required to enter the name of your new event category, and you can choose to add an optional description. Keep in mind the event category description is for administrative use only, and non-administrators of the site will not be able to see the event category descriptions.

When creating event categories, you have two additional options. First, you can choose to make the category "For Administrative Use Only." Selecting this check-box ensures only administrators will have the ability to assign this category to an event, and users will not be able to self-assign their events to this category. Checking the box that says "Shown on Public Site" allows that event category to be searchable in the campus-wide event list.

When you are finished with your event name, description and additional settings, click "Create." You can always return to your event categories to edit or update them as needed!

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