EMS Setup

Engage offers the ability to leverage data from your EMS system to help students choose an appropriate and available space for their event. Campuses who hold the appropriate Engage license and who hold a license for EMS's SOAP-based "Read Only API (Application Programming Interface)" module can take advantage of this integration. Find step-by-step instructions on enabling this functionality below.

Engage does have the ability to work with the EMS Platform Services API through the Room and Resource integration. Please contact our support team to learn more. The Room and Resource Integration via the EMS Platform Services API allows for browsing available spaces, submitting a space request, viewing the status of the space request, and editing/canceling the event. 


To get started, you will need to provide the following information to our support team:

  • EMS API Server URL
    • Example: http://[server]/EMSAPI/service.asmx
  • EMS API Username (public key)
  • EMS API Password (private key)

Populating EMS Locations into Engage

Once our team has configured your system to use the EMS API, you can import your EMS spaces into Engage.

  1. Go to to your Admin view and select the Events menu, then click Event Locations.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Choose the EMS source, then click ImportThis will process query the EMS API to retrive location and space information as defined by EMS, as well as the location parent hierarchy. You may re-import locations from your EMS system at any time using these same steps.

Location properties and restricting access

Once you've populated your Event Locations list, you can change several aspects like location details, who can request the space, the image displayed, or if a user should notified of any requests using that location. 

Note about Event Submissions

Once the event submission is made, Engage will prevent anyone from requesting the same locations for the same time period, however it will not communicate this to EMS. Approving the submission in Engage does NOT book or populate a booking submission for the space in EMS. We suggest that the staff member who approves space in EMS be added as a reviewer in Engage so that they can book the space in EMS and provide a confirmation via the submission comment wall in Engage.

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