A campus administrator may have identified you has an individual that needs to review specific event submissions prior to their approval. You will receive an e-mail notification that you have an event to review.

To access events that need your review, navigate to your Action Center by clicking on the Manage View of your Switchboard. 


This will take you to your Action Center, where you will see a list of items under "Pending Submissions," including any event submissions that need your review. Click the name of the event submission to review it.  


You can also click "View All" to see a complete list of your event requests. On this page, you may see additional filtering options depending on your role in the community and your relationship to current event submissions. If you are only assigned as a reviewer for submissions, you will not see the "Showing" filter and will by default see all events that they have been assigned to as a reviewer. However, if you also hold Events View or Events Full access at the community level, you may see the ability to filter between all submissions, those requiring your review, and those requiring your approval.


Once on the event submission page, you can review the details of the submission by scrolling down on the page. If multiple submissions exist for the event, you can also switch back and forth between various versions of the submission history in the upper-right hand corner. Make sure you are reviewing the correct version!


After reviewing every page, you can add a comment in the discussion if you would like to share feedback. These comments will be seen by the campus administrator, the submitter, and all reviewers/approvers of the event.

Voting Reviewers

If you are a "Voting Reviewer," you have been given the ability to give your recommendation as to whether the event should be approved or denied by clicking the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icon in the "Your Review" box. Note that if you are reviewing a newer submission of an event that has been resubmitted, your vote will be reset and you will need to recast your vote.



Non-Voting Reviewers

If you are a Non-Voting Reviewer, this means you have been given access to view and comment on the event submission, but you do not have the ability to recommend the event for approval with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Use the Discussion wall to communicate with others involved in the process.



You may have been added as a reviewer to an event submission via the co-hosted events feature. If you are the primary contact for an organization that has been added as a co-host for an event, you will be added to the submission as a non-voting reviewer. You can choose to communicate via the discussion wall if you need to provide information to others in the process. Being added to the submission page allows co-hosting organizations to stay in the loop about the progress of these event submissions.


Community Administrators/Events-Full Access Users

If you are a community administrator or a user with Full access to Events, you will also see the ability to approve or deny the event from this screen, in addition to giving your thumbs up or thumbs down. Be careful to only use this box if you are responsible for making the final decision about the event!


If you are responsible for managing all event submissions within a branch or across the community, learn more about that process by viewing our article on how to manage event submissions as a Branch Administrator

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