A campus administrator may have identified you has an individual that needs to review specific events prior to their approval. You will receive an e-mail notification that you have an event to review.

To access events that need your review, navigate to your Action Center by clicking on the Manage View of your Switchboard. 


This will take you to your Action Center, where you will see a list of items under "Pending Review," including any event submissions that need your review. Click the name of the event submission to review it.


Once on the event submission, you can review the details of the submission by scrolling down on the page. After reviewing every page, you can add a comment in the discussion if you feel necessary to share feedback. These comments will be seen by the campus administrator, the submitter, and all reviewers of the event. Finally, indicate your response in the Reviewers box by clicking the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icons.



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