By default, Engage already collects basic details about events, like the event name, date, time and categories when users create events. However, you have the option to require users to fill out additional custom fields specific to your administrative branch when requesting an event.

Engage branch administrators have the ability to determine the event request and approval process for events created by organizations underneath their branch. Remember that your Branch Custom Fields allow you to collect additional data, helping you as an administrator make informed decisions about the events you are reviewing. This is a perfect time to have users upload catering requests, ask about A/V equipment needs, discover the security needs of the event and so many other possibilities! The branch custom fields are in addition to any Additional Fields your campus creates for events at the community level.

You can access your event submission process settings by clicking on your branch in the left-hand navigation bar and selecting “Event Submission Process” under Branch Tools.


The first tab you will see is called Settings. Settings contains three setting types: Form Settings, Reviewer Settings, and Lead Time Settings. 

Form Settings

This section allows you to determine if submitters will be presented with Custom Fields that have been defined for your Branch. To enable Custom Fields for your event submission process, enabled the toggle.

Reviewer Settings

The Reviewer Workflow enables you to create “levels” to your review process, wherein reviewers on each level must review the form before the subsequent level is notified of the submission. When this setting is toggled on or off, only new submissions will be impacted by changes to this setting. Previous submissions will not be affected.

With Submitter Identified Reviewers enabled, submitters can enter up to five email addresses of reviewers who will be invited to review their individual submission. Only users capable of logging into Engage can review submissions. Any email can be entered by the submitter, but the recipient must log into Engage before they can review the submission. 

You are provided with the option to include instructions to the submitter to assist in identifying proper Submitter Identified Reviewers for your event submission process. For example, you may request the submitter include the email of their Academic Advisor or Faculty member supporting the event. 

Lead Time Settings

As a Branch Administrator, you have the option to require a minimum period between the time of the event submission be submitted and the start date/time of the event. To enable this setting, switch the toggle and select the required number of Days and Hours and click Save. 

For event submissions with multiple dates, each entry must meet the minimum event lead time setting defined on this screen. If a user attempts to add a date that is outside the minimum lead time, they will receive an error message.


The first section of this page shows the Standard Event Details, which includes every question hard-coded into the basic set of details requested from users. This section will also expose your campus's Additional Fields. Remember that additional fields for events are configured at the community/Admin level and are consistent across campus.

To request information specific to your branch, click "Edit Custom Fields." This will take you into the Engage Form Builder. Within the event form builder, utilize form questions and logic conditions to make sure you are collecting the information you need. When you are ready for these fields to be filled out, switch the fields from inactive to active to ensure data is being collected during the submission process.


Adding reviewers to all submissions

Switch to the Reviewers tab to manage the reviewers for your branch's event submission process. Any user added to the Reviewers list will automatically be given the ability view and comment on event submissions. These users will also receive notifications upon event submission. To add reviewers to the event form, click on the blue + icon. 

Search for the user by name. When you add a reviewer, you will also see an additional option to give the user the ability to "vote" on event submissions. If you give the user the right to vote, you are giving them the additional ability to give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" recommendation for the event. Keep in mind that reviewers do not get to make final decisions about the event form, but are there to provide additional feedback for administrators. 

Reviewer Conditions

You can also add Reviewer Conditions that have to be met in order for a user to be added as a reviewer to a request. For example, you may decide that your campus security officer only needs to review events with attendances over 100 students, or that your catering department only needs to review events that have identified needing university catering.

To leverage Reviewer Conditions, please be sure to create those questions under the Custom Fields section in the Event Submission Process at the Branch level. Additional Fields, defined at the Community level, are not eligible for Reviewer Conditions. 

Reviewers can either have access to review all events, or only events under certain conditions. When you select "Events with ALL of the following conditions," the event form must meet all of the following conditions for that specific reviewer to be notified. Selecting "Events with ANY of the following conditions" will notify that review as long as one of the listed conditions is met. 

Each of your selected reviewers will appear in a list that shows if they have the right to vote or if their access is view-only, and if they have access to all events or only events with certain conditions.

Adding reviewers by position template

You also have the option to add event reviewers based on the position template they hold within an organization. This setting is only available for position templates at the administrative branch level, and not for organization-created positions.

The option to enable your Position Template as an Event Reviewer has been moved to the Reviewer List for your branch's Event Submission Process. Additionally, if you need your Position Template Event Reviewers to approve/deny event submissions, you made add them as an Event Submission Manager via the Event Submission Manager List for your branch’s Event Submission Process.

  • Existing Position Template Reviewers will appear in the Event Reviewer List and can be edited from there. 
  • Position Template Reviewers can now be customized just like individual Reviewers, allowing for conditions and voting abilities to be toggled on or off. 

Submission Managers

A Submission Manager is a new role that allows you to further streamline your Event process. Submission Managers cannot edit or alter the configurations of your Event process, but they can take final action, edit, view, and comment on all approve, deny, and edit all Submissions. The Submission Manager also has access to your past Event Submissions to view historical event information.

  • Submission Managers can view and comment on all Submissions (Pending, Approved, and Denied) as well as approve, deny, and edit Pending Submissions. 
  • They do not automatically receive notifications of new Submissions. 
  • They do not get access to alter your Event Submission Process – they will only gain access to all past and current submissions in the relevant Event process. 
  • Like Reviewers, Submission Managers in your Event Submission Process can be individual users or Position Template holders. 
  • The Submission Manager list will also contain anyone who is an inherited Submission Manager – meaning they have the abilities of a Submission Manager due to the level of access they are granted (i.e. an all-access site administrator will be added to the list). This will give you a comprehensive list of every user in your Engage site who can Approve and Deny Submissions for your Event process. 
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