Engage administrators have the ability to determine the event request and approval process for events created by organizations. You can access your event settings by logging into your campus site, clicking on the Admin view of your Switchboard, and then clicking on the Events drop-down menu.


Creating the Event Form

You have the option to require users to fill out an additional form when requesting to create an event. Remember that Engage already collects basic details about events, like the event name, date, time, and category when users create events. Your event form allows you to collect additional data, helping you as an administrator make informed decisions about the events you are reviewing. This is a perfect time to have users upload catering requests, ask about A/V equipment needs, discover the security needs of the event, and so many other possibilities! The event form is in addition to any Additional Fields you create for events.

To edit your event form, click on Event Form in the Events drop-down.


The first tab you will see is called Properties. Your first step will be to create or edit your Event Form, which you can do by clicking Edit Form. Your form will be set to Inactive by default. Once you select Active, the event form will begin collecting data for every event submission on your campus. Within the event form builder, feel free to utilize any form questions or logic conditions to make sure you are collecting the information you need. For information about building forms, view this article.


Adjusting Event Form Reviewers

Any user added to the Reviewers list will automatically be given the ability view and comment on event submissions. These users will also receive notifications upon event submission. To add reviewers to the event form, click on Add Reviewer.


Search for the user by name. When you add a reviewer, you will also see an additional option to give the user the ability to "vote" on event submissions. If you give the user the right to vote, you are giving them the additional ability to give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" recommendation for the event. Keep in mind that reviewers do not get to make final decisions about the event form, but are there to provide additional feedback for administrators. 


Any reviewer with voting rights will appear with a green check box next to their name.


Once you have selected the reviewer, you can add Reviewer Conditions that have to be met in order for a user to be added as a reviewer to a request. Reviewers can either have access to review all events, or only events under certain conditions. You can set up conditions For example, you may decide that your campus security officer only needs to review events with attendances over 100 students, or that your catering department only needs to review events that have identified needing university catering. When you select "Events with ALL of the following conditions," the event form must meet all of the following conditions for that specific reviewer to be notified. Selecting "Events with ANY of the following conditions" will notify that review as long as one of the listed conditions is met. 


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