As an organization officer with full access to manage events, you have the ability to keep track of who is invited to your event. After your event has been created and approved, navigate to the Action Center for your organization and click the Events tool. Find the event for which you would like to invite people. Click on the name of the event you want to manage.

Click the box that says "Manage Invitations." You will be shown a list of all the users who have been invited to the event. Search for a user by name or email address using the search bar to the right, or export all of your invitees in a spreadsheet by clicking Export above the search bar.


If the user has a number next to their name in parenthesis, this indicates the user has said they plan to bring that number of guests to the event with them. You will also see the users' RSVP response (Yes, No, or Not Responded.) Under "Notify," you will either see "Yes" or "No" for each user. Users who said they would like to be notified when other users publicly RSVP will show a "Yes" in this column. If users said they do not want to be notified of public RSVPs, you will see a "No". In the final column, you will see if they have chose to "Show" or make their RSVP public, or if they have chosen to "Hide" their RSVP from other users.

To invite people to attend your event, click +Invite People. Here, you have two options.

  1. You can invite users by selecting them from the list that populates. You can choose to invite members in the organizations you are a part of.
  2. You also have the ability to invite users by email. You can enter up to 500 email addresses in the text box provided. Be sure to use the users' campus-assigned email addresses. Click +Add E-mail Addresses to invite these users to attend.


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