When a student submits an event request for their organization, these requests are sent to the site administrators for review. Only site administrators can make the final decisions on event submissions. As a site admin, you can see these requests by selecting the Admin View in your Switchboard. 


Once you are within the administration area, select Event Submissions followed by View All Event Submissions in the lower right of the same frame. The page that loads is called the Event List, where all of your pending and decided event requests will be. You can also access this page from the Events dropdown.

From the event list, you can perform several different actions, listed below:

Reviewing event submissions

You can review an event submission by selecting the individual request from the Event List. This will display the event submission, from which you can start from the Details page or any of the pages you wish, and then advance through the pages of your campus event form clicking Next. You can return to the main page of the submission at any time by clicking < Back to Submission in the upper left.


Managing Event Reviewers

While viewing the event submission, you can also adjust the reviewers requested for that particular submission. From the initial event submission page, click the Manage button within the Reviewers panel. From this page, you can search through the available users and click the green "+" sign to add them as a reviewer. To remove a user, click the red "X" icon to the right of their line.


Once all Reviewers have been added, check the box to the right of each individual you’d like to notify of their role, or click Select All in the lower left corner to check all users, then click Notify Selected to send them a a notification.

Deciding on the event approval

Comments can be left on the submission by writing them in the lower left box and then clicking Post. Keep in mind these comments are visible to reviewers, administrators, the submitter, and any student who has access to manage events within that specific organization. 

You can Approve or Deny the event submission at any time. This is not contingent on the responses from the reviewers. Simply click Approve or Deny to make your decision.

Editing event submissions

An event must be in "In Progress", "Approved", or "Denied" status in order to have any edits made to the event details or any form information. If you have small edits to make to the event details during the review process, we recommend that you Approve the event and then through the Admin view, make the edits to the Event details by clicking on the name of the event in the event list. You can also choose to Deny the event request and send a message to the submitter with the information you would like changed before resubmitting.

Note: if you make the edits through the organization's page as opposed to the Administration page, the event will be resubmitted for approval.

Cancelling an event

If you need to cancel an event for one reason or another, this can be done from the Event List area as well. Simply locate the event(s) you’d like to remove in the list by scrolling through the list of all events. Click the "X" icon to the far right of the event. You will have the ability to comment on the reason for cancellation, as a message is sent to all who RSVPd to the event before confirming that you wish to cancel the event.


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