When a student submits an event request for their organization, these requests must be reviewed and approved. Any branch administrator, full community administrator or community administrator with full access to the Events tool for the community can make the final decisions on event submissions. You may also be an event approver for certain events based on a position template you hold within an organization. 

View Event Submissions

Use the switchboard to navigate to the Manage view and scroll to the Event Requests section. Here you will see every event request that you have the ability to view, review, or approve based on your role and relationship to the event submissions.

a screenshot of the pending event submissions preview, as shown in the Manage view

Click on "View All" to see a full list of event submissions that you have the ability to view, review, approve, or deny. 

a screenshot of the complete event submission list

Note that the "showing" filter and its options dynamically adjust to the user's role and relationship to the event submissions displayed, so you may not see all three options shown in the screenshot above.

Use the chart below to understand what different degrees of access would display for the user:

User Role (Most Users) Reviewer added by form logic, position template, or manually User with Community-wide or Branch access to Events who are not reviewers Users with community "View" access to events and at least one review assignment User with Community-wide full or Branch access to Events who have at least one review assignment
"Showing" Filter Filter not displayed Filter not displayed Filter between "All Submissions" and "Submissions for Review" Filter between "All Submissions," "Submissions for Review" and "Submissions for Approval"
Default View Submissions that the user has been assigned to as a reviewer All submissions All submissions All submissions

This view can also be filtered across a date range (note that by default it only shows event submissions for events that do not take place in the past) or filtered to only show Change Requests. 

The Event submissions list can also be filtered to show only submissions containing room reservations or online locations

Reviewing Event Submissions

Clicking on a submission allows you to review its details. This page includes all submission details as well as a comment section and the review/approve panes. Comments are visible to the submitter, all reviewers, and all possible approvers of the event and any of these users can also make a comment on the event. Note that the "Review" section (symbolized by thumbs up/thumbs down icons) is separate from the approval section, and reviewing the submission alone will not post the event. Reviewers can be populated by position template, conditional logic from the event process, or manually in the submission itself. Cohosts of the event will also be listed as non-voting reviewers. 

Approving Event Submissions

Make your decision and leave a optional custom comment to be sent to the submitter. If you are a branch administrator or have community access to Events, you can Approve or Deny the event submission at any time. Final approval is not contingent on the responses from the reviewers. Simply click Approve or Deny to make your decision.

When you approve an event submission, the event will be accepted in the system and will show up on various event listings, based on the visibility settings of the event. When you deny an event submission, the user will have the option to update any information and re-submit that request. If the user chooses to resubmit, you will see that same request with updated details come through as a pending submission. When you click on the submission, you will see a link to the previous version with the original history of reviewer votes and comments. 

Making Changes to an Event's Details

Branch and Events Full Community Administrators can also revise event submissions during review to change details about the submission itself, will be saved as a new record related to this submission.

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