When a student submits an event request for their organization, these requests must be reviewed and approved. Any user who is a full community administrator or has full access to the Events tool for the community can make the final decisions on event submissions. You may also be an event approver for certain events based on a position template you hold within an organization. As an event approver, you can see these requests and take action on them by navigating to your Action Center.


View event submissions

Once you are in the Action Center, scroll down to the Event Requests section. Here you will see every event that you have the ability to view, review, or approve based on your role and relationship to the event submissions.


Click on "View All" to see a full list of event submissions that you have the ability to view, review, approve, or deny. 


Note that the "showing" filter and its options dynamically adjust to the user's role and relationship to the event submissions displayed, so you may not see all three options shown in the screenshot above.

Users who are only reviewers will not see the "showing" filter and will only see events that they have been assigned to as a reviewer. This option likely describes most users in your community.

Users with Events View, Events Full, or All Access administrators without any review assignments will not see the "showing" filter and will see all event submissions.

Users with Events View administrator permissions with at least one review assignment will see the "showing" filter with All Submissions and Submissions for Review as options. These users will see all submissions by default, but can choose to switch to seeing only requests requiring their review.

Users with Events Full, or All Access administrative permissions that are also assigned to at least one submission as a reviewer will see the "showing" filter with all three options (all submissions, Submissions for review, Submissions for approval) available. These users will see all submissions by default.

Use the chart below to further review the intelligent "Showing" filter and its options.


Clicking on a submission allows you to review its details. On the left side, you will see the event submission and comment section which is visible to reviewers, administrators, the submitter, and any user who has access to manage events within the submitting organization via their position. On the right you will see a list of voting and non-voting reviewers along with voting member votes. 

Make your decision and leave a optional custom comment to be sent to the submitter. You can Approve or Deny the event submission at any time. Final approval is not contingent on the responses from the reviewers. Simply click Approve or Deny to make your decision.


When you approve an event submission, the event will be accepted in the system and will show up on various event listings, based on the visibility settings of the event. When you deny an event submission, the user will have the option to update any information and re-submit that request. If the user chooses to resubmit, you will see that same request with updated details come through as a pending submission. When you click on the submission, you will see the history of reviewer votes and comments left on the original submission. 

Managing Change Requests

A Change Request is initiated when a user changes certain details of an already approved event. Note that a change request is different from the denied resubmissions discussed above. If you want to view Change Requests only, check the box next to "Show only Change Requests."


It is important to note that a Change Request is considered a new submission for the event. Therefore, when reviewing a change request, you will not see comments or reviewer votes from previous submissions. When you click into a change request, you will make your decision to approve or deny the submissions as you would any new event submission.

Managing event reviewers

From the Action Center view of an event submission, you can also adjust the reviewers requested for a particular submission. In the "Reviewers" box on an individual submission, full events administrators will see the ability to add or remove single reviewers.


Click the blue icon to the right of the box to add a reviewer. You will see a box populate where you can search for users by first name, last name, or email address to add them to the reviewers list. Click the trash can icon next to a reviewer to remove them from that submission.


Making changes to an event's details

An event must be in an "Approved" or "Denied" status in order for admins to make any edits to the event details. If you have small edits to make to the event details during the review process, we recommend that you Approve the event and make appropriate changes by going to the event in the submitting organization's Action Center and submit a Change Request, which will be automatically approved when submitted by an administrator. You can also choose to Deny the event request and send a message to the submitter with the information you would like changed before resubmitting.

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