Our Paths module is a powerful tool to measure student learning in a cohesive manner. It allows institutions to customize a guided pathway specific to their student experience. By utilizing event attendance tracking, student self-reported experiences and organization participation, students can quickly record and view their progress in your program. 

Arkansas Tech University, Fort Hayes State University, the University of Texas at El Paso, Villanova University, Catholic University, University of Rochester and the University of Buffalo are just a few of our institutions currently utilizing paths.  These institutions have shared their paths as a resource in the planning process, all of which can be found attached to this article.  Below is a description of each of their Paths, as well as the details as to how they have successfully designed and implemented their plan.  Organized by different subject areas, paths can be useful in a wide variety of programs on campus.

General Campus Experience
First-year Experience
Employee and Organization Training

Campus Co-Curriculum

Vanderbilt University currently has a number of Paths including the Greek Member Experience and My Vanderbilt Experience path. Both are designed to connect students to campus and create intentional community engagement.

  • Arkansas Tech University, "On Track", path is designed to enhance student development beyond the classroom setting, encourage students to network socially among peers and to include students in traditional and signature university events.  Each semester a map of events and activities will be available to students categorized by interests.  The flyers attached describe the path as well as the different tracks available to students.
  • Fort Hayes State University features two different paths:
    • The “World Ready” path encourages students to be proactive in understanding other cultures, developing a heightened sense of social consciousness, and viewing themselves as global citizens.  You can view their flyer that describes their path and its requirements.
    • The primary goal of the “Quest Leadership” path is to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to lead others in achieving a common goals
  • The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), "Mine Tracker", path is a co-curricular initiative that serves as a student’s roadmap to success. The Mine Tracker enables registered UTEP students to access co-curricular activities that compliment what a student is learning in the classroom. Engagement in the UTEP Mine Tracker assists students in being more prepared for the ever-changing global market and become more competitive in the world of work and graduate studies.  The suggested activities for the UTEP Mine Tracker are divided into four learning dimensions; Career Development, Civic Engagement, Global Perspective and Personal Enrichment. Each of the dimensions has three levels of engagement; Entering Student Stage, Engagement Stage and the Leadership Stage. The path works as a guide to direct students along the path of student success. 

First Year Experience

  • Catholic University features, “Orientation Extended”, which helps students navigate the challenges of their first year and offers them a variety of opportunities to understand their resources available to them and to meet other CUA students, faculty, and administrators.
  • Gannon University, "Freshmen, get fired up and engaged on campus", offers freshmen a variety of opportunities to understand the resources available to him/her and to meet other Gannon students, faculty and administrators. Students who participate in the path will be more connected to the University and their peers, will gain knowledge about resources and services and will be more engaged on campus. The path has four domains: Gannon Spirit, Social Engagement, Spiritual/Personal Growth and Skill development & Training.

Sophomore Year Experience

  • University of Rochester’s, “Becoming a Successful Sophomore”, is intended to help sophomores make the most of the sophomore year.  The path focuses on preparing to declare a major, cultivating a student’s interest, navigating helpful resources, staying health, making connections with people and getting to know Rochester.


  • University at Buffalo features two different path known as certificate programs on campus:
    • The, “TORCH Leadership Certificate” is designed for emerging leaders, which focuses on training, education, development and a leadership portfolio.
    • The, “PEAK Advanced Leadership Certificate”, is designed for experienced student leaders and you must complete the TORCH leadership certificate as a prerequisite.
  • St. Louis University features three leadership paths called, "iLead".  Their program embodies their university mission by engaging undergraduate students at Saint Louis University in the transformation of society and serving with and for their community through their development as agents of local and global social change.  The iLead program is broken into three curriculums that build upon one another called, "iLead 101", "iLead 201", and "iLead 301".  

Employee and Organization Training

University of Maryland Founding Campus: This campus is a graduate school and has a Writing Center where graduate students are employed as writing tutors. Tutors in training are enrolled in their Path to progress through their trainings on their own. The campus appreciates and values this is an autonomous tool, which students can progress through at their own pace.

Drew University: This campus also has three separate tutor training programs housed in their Center for Academic Excellence. Tutors are required to attend a certain number of trainings and events to receive their CRLA certification. This certification is nationally recognized and while students completed modules in the campuses LMS (Moodle), the campus laves that students can keep track of how they can become nationally certified in a centralized location. This campus uses both the self report and event attendance tracking tool.

Paths can be organized in a number of different ways and around many different topics.  If you are interested in learning more about paths and/or would like to share your path, please contact consultant.

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