UC Berkeley is currently using the Engage APIs to verify students' memberships in student groups before allowing them to make reservations to use campus classrooms for group events.  The API is also being used by the "Open Computing Facility" (OCF) to verify groups' status before allowing them to create Web Sites on OCF hosts and by the "CalCentral" student portal to display students' student group memberships alongside their official campus involvements (e.g. class enrollments).

We are also experimenting with using the Engage APIs to connect the Engage group and involvement data with other campus systems through notifications generated by comparing cached Engage data with API queries.  The goal is to be able to send notifications (JMS or SQS/SNS) on create/update events which can be consumed by other campus apps - the primary goal being to achieve integration with the Dean Evans "EMS" event management application so that student groups and memberships are automatically populated within EMS based on Engage memberships.  Another goal is to use the notifications to populate Internet2 "Grouper" groups which are then mirrored as Google Groups so students can use Google Calendaring and document sharing based on their Engage memberships.



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