We publish our handbook online here: https://kirby.d.umn.edu/kirby/studentorgs/handbook/

Our formation policy currently reads

Student groups seeking to establish a relationship with the University in order to have access to University facilities, services and staff, shall register with Kirby Student Center.

All student groups shall be registered and classified according to the following policy, consistent with the University of Minnesota’s co-curricular educational philosophy and to better serve the needs of the various and diverse student groups, to reduce unnecessary administrative intrusion, and to clarify the relationship between the various types of student groups and the University.


Definition: The process through which student groups obtain privileges to conduct activities at the University is administered through Kirby Student Center.  *Note: All RSOP recognized sports clubsmust register with Kirby Student Center.  Registration is required annually and consists of submitting appropriate documentation and information through an online process.

  1. To be registered at UMD, student groups must fulfill annual registration requirements through Kirby Student Center.  Student groups that have officially registered with the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) shall have the privilege to conduct activities at the University in accordance with established University policies and procedures.
  2. Once a student group officially registers at UMD, Kirby Student Center maintains an official file/record for the group to be housed in Student Activities. Some of the contents of this file are considered a matter of public record, specifically any forms pertaining to the group’s registration, classification, or status.
  3. Student groups that are currently registered and in good standing shall be considered to have an “active” status.  Groups may be “frozen” if registration requirements are not met or due to disciplinary action.  Groups that have dissolved or have not registered for two (2) consecutive years shall be marked “inactive.”
  4. Student groups shall be assigned to one of the following classifications upon registration:
    1. Registered Student Organization (RSO)
    2. University Campus Life Program (CLP) 
  5. All student groups must comply with the following minimum requirements:
    1. Membership: All student groups must be initiated and controlled by currently registered UMD students. Student groups must consist of at least four (4) University of Minnesota Duluth students, currently registered for a minimum of 6 credits. Exceptions to the credit requirement are permitted for graduate and professional students who are actively pursuing a degree and provide verification from their academic department. Non-students may be involved in student groups, but may not comprise more than one-third (1/3) of the group’s voting membership, nor be a registered officer. If it comes to Kirby Student Center’s attention that an officer is no longer registered for the minimum credit requirement, the officer will be removed from the group’s list of officers. If the group has fewer than four officers as a result of his/her removal, the group will have 30 days in which to replace the officer or the group’s status will be changed to frozen and all benefits, including existing room reservations, will be lost.
    2. Registration: Student groups must register annually and maintain current registration information on file with Kirby Student Center, including current names and contact information for at least four (4) group officers or members assuming personal responsibility and accountability for the operations and actions of the group. Kirby Student Center reserves the right to freeze any group whose information has not been updated within 30 days of an officer change.  Established groups who do not re-register by October 1 of any given fall, may be marked “inactive” and removed from our student group list until registration has been completed.
    3. Officers: Student groups must have at least four (4) officers that are University of Minnesota Duluth students, currently registered for a minimum of 6 credits, and are also in good standing with the University.
    4. Compliance: Student groups must comply with all University policies and procedures, as well as local, state, and federal laws and regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, the Board of Regents Policy on Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action as they relate to group membership and access to programs.

Violation of these or other requirements shall constitute grounds for revocation of registration status and/or other sanctions, following established University procedures of due process. Nothing in this policy should be construed to abridge the constitutional rights of students to freedom of speech, association, and free exercise of religion.

How Do I Register or Re-Register My Student Group?

  1. Go to www.d.umn.edu/kirby
  2. Click on “Student Organizations”
  3. Click on the first link to log into the Student Groups/CollegiateLink Page
  4. Log into the website using your x.500 at the top right corner of the Student Groups/CollegiateLink page
  5. Click on the ORGANIZATIONS tab
  6. Returning Groups: Find your student group in the list and “Register this Organization”;
    • New Groups: Click on the “Register a New Organization” button in the left hand side column on this page
  7. Follow the prompts and submit for approval!

Naming your Student Group

  1. Use of “University of Minnesota Duluth”

    Because Registered Student Organizations are independent of the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), their names may not imply that they are part of UMD.  Registered Student Organizations shall not use the name “University of Minnesota Duluth,” any abbreviation thereof or the University wordmark, in conjunction with the name of the organization. Student groups may use the word “University” or the geographical designation “at the University of Minnesota Duluth.” The following are examples of acceptable names for student groups: “The Gardening Club at the University of Minnesota Duluth,” “The Campus Gardening Club,” “The Student Gardening Club,” and “The University Gardening Club”. “The University of Minnesota Duluth Gardening Club,” however, is notacceptable, as it implies that the club is part of the University.

  2. Use of Copyrighted or For-Profit Organization Names Policy

Student groups may not use any copyrighted names within their group’s name without written permission from the copyright owner. Student groups also may not use any for-profit organization’s name within their group’s name.  Kirby Student Center reserves the right to refuse registration to any group representing or using a copyrighted or for-profit organization

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