If you need to make changes to the details of an event, such as the time, location, or visibility, you can do so by initiating a Change Request for the event. Follow the instructions below based on your role within the community.

Changing an event's details as a Student or Organization Officer

Submitting a Change Request for an event that has already been approved is simple in Engage. First, navigate to the public-facing event page for the event you would like to change. Click the Manage Event button in the upper right hand corner. If you do not see this button, you do not have the appropriate level of access within your organization to make changes to event details.


From the Events Dashboard, select Change Details. This will initiate a Change Request. Make any changes to your event as necessary; when you are finished, you will be prompted to resubmit the request. Any changes made will need to be approved by your administrators before they appear.


Changing an event's details as a Branch Administrator

As a Branch Administrator, navigate to the Action Center for your branch by selecting the Manage view of the Switchboard. Select your Branch, and then select Events List.

Search for the name of the event you want to change, and click on the event. This will take you to the Events Dashboard within the hosting organization's Action Center. Click Change Details to initiate a change request. Move through the event request making any necessary changes. When you are done, your changes will be automatically approved.

Changing an event's details as a Community Administrator 

To initiate a Change Request as a Community Administrator, you can follow the steps designated for the Branch Administrator above, or you can navigate to the Admin View of your community. From Admin, select the Events dropdown, and then select Events List. Locate the event you would like to change. Click on the event.

You will notice the event details are in read-only mode on this screen. Click on the Edit Event button to start the Change Request process.


Move through the event request making any necessary changes.


As a Community administrator, you can now choose whether or not you would like to bypass the event custom fields when or making changes to an event. When you initiate a Change Request to an existing event, you will only be required to create or update the standard event details and the event photo. You will then be presented with the following screen, allowing you to bypass the event custom fields or complete them. Your changes will always be automatically approved.
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