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The Co-Curricular Transcript, or CCT, is a document that tracks your co-curricular involvement, highlighting out of classroom experiences you choose to showcase. This could include events you’ve attended, positions you’ve held in organizations, or other experiences you've reported. The transcript can be used to apply for grad school, provide speaking points for interviews, or simply showcase your experience.
To view or download your CCT, login to your Engage community and access your User Drawer by clicking on your initial or photo in the upper right hand corner. Click Co-Curricular Transcript. Your campus administrators can choose what the CCT is called for your campus, so you may see this document listed under another name, such as "Involvement Record” or “Co-Curricular Record”.
If you don’t see the option to view your CCT, your administrators may have applied a setting that restricts a user’s ability to access their own transcript. In this case, reach out to your campus administrators to generate your CCT for you.
At the top of the CCT customization page, select “Change Layout”to determine in what order you would like these different involvement activities to appear, if you would like them to appear at all. Once you’ve determined the general layout, you can choose to add or remove individual memberships, positions, instances of event attendance, or self-reported experiences. Once you’ve added the involvement activities you want on your transcript, you can sort the order of them within a particular section. You can also choose to show or hide your reflections on these experiences, as well as service hours you’ve completed within particular organizations. Note that not all campuses will use the service hours feature.
While you can choose which of your activities appear and in what order, the general customization of the document, such as the colors and the header image, is determined by your campus administrators and cannot be changed. Make sure to always save your changes before navigating away from this page by clicking Save. Use the Print View/PDF button at the top of the CCT page to view, print, or save a final version of your document. 
To add reflections to individual events and organizations, you’ll want to navigate to the either Event History or Membership History sections of your user drawer. Here, you can click on an individual piece of involvement and add a reflection to show on your CCT. Thanks for joining me for this quick walkthrough of the co-curricular transcript in Engage.
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