Video Script:
When it’s election time on campus, Engage makes the voting process simple. You’ll know there’s an election taking place because an election banner will appear on your community’s homepage.
Start the voting process by logging into your account. Once you log in, you’ll see the election banner again, but this time you’ll also see links to individual ballots. You will only see ballots that you specifically are eligible to vote in.
Click on the name of the ballot to begin the voting process. First, read the instructions for the ballot, and then click “Next.” View your options, and be sure to make note of any additional information that might be provided about a candidate. Make your selections by filling out the form questions.
When you’re done making your selections, you will have the ability to review your selections before casting your final votes. You can make changes to a selection by clicking on the name of that individual ballot. When you're ready, click “Vote” to secure your selections and your votes will be recorded.
You can access any In Progress voting submissions by accessing the Submissions tab in your User Drawer. You can access the User Drawer by clicking on your initial or your photo in the top right hand corner of the screen. If you have questions about a specific election taking place on campus, reach out to your campus administrators for support!
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