The following updates were added to your Student Engagement platform between August 2017 and October 2017:


Validation on Forms

Form creators can now ensure responses follow a particular format, including phone number, date, time, and e-mail address, using a validation setting. When you select the “Text Entry” question type within forms, you can choose from a list of validation patterns when you edit the form question. Submitters who do not enter an answer in the correct format will be prompted with information about the required format. Read our updated help desk article for more information about implementing validation into your forms!



Improvements to the accessibility of the site have been a key recent initiative.

  • Content throughout the application is now more accessible through updated color contrasting.
  • Consistent heading levels make it easier for users who use screen readers to navigate pages.
  • A Skip to Content button has been added to the entire site, allowing keyboard-only users to navigate the content in Engage with greater ease.
  • Aria labels throughout the site have been added, fixed, or updated.

Cumulative Iterations

The development team has been rapidly responding to feedback from our members, our support and consulting teams, and our performance monitoring suite. These improvements are consistently increasing the performance, reliability, and usability of the application.


  • Reconfigured content for reviewer notifications for event submissions to improve reviewer experience
  • Messages sent through organization “Contact” button now display sender information, including name and e-mail address
  • Restored ability to view Past Events in the full community event listing and on organization event pages
  • Restored News RSS feeds in the full community event listing and on organization event pages
  • Reinstituted the ability to assign Outcomes to organizations and positions
  • Added notice for Frozen organizations to Action Center view
  • Maintenance releases for both Corq and the Event Check-in App (ECIA). Users of ECIA should ensure they are using the latest update of the application, especially for users of iOS11.


  • The development team has been working to establish a new internal infrastructure for notifications. This infrastructure will help lead to increased performance, customizability, and reliability of email notifications moving forward.
  • The process for creating Administrative Branches in a community has been vastly improved, leading to more immediate turnaround for campuses implementing branches.
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