Before you begin using the Event Check-in App to track attendance for your events, you’ll first want to customize the style of the mobile wallet version of the Event Pass. Users on your campus will download this mobile version from the Engage web application to their mobile devices. Customizing your pass contributes to consistent branding across campus, helping students, faculty, and staff easily recognize the pass as being connected to other campus initiatives.

When you customize the Event Pass, you can choose to brand it with a logo and an accent color. We recommend keeping these consistent with your institutional or Engage community branding for easy recognition.


 To customize your pass, please provide our support team a logo and accent color for the pass. Note the following list of guidelines for the logo:

  • Logo should be in vector format so we can resize without losing quality. Typically, vector logos are found as .eps or .ai file types. If you cannot provide a vector logo, please provide a transparent .png.
  • Logo should have a width height ratio between 1:1 to 3:1. In other words, the width should not exceed three times the height.
  • The logo will appear on a white background so please avoid white text.
  • At it’s smallest, the logo will display at 50 px tall. Avoid small text as it will not be legible at this size. Simpler is better when branding the event pass!

Note: Once a student downloads the Event Pass to their mobile device, the logo and accent color for their pass will not update. Therefore, it’s important to settle on a design before advertising the availability of the Event Pass to students. To ensure accessibility and to comply with Apple design standards, only the logo and accent color are configurable at this time.

Once you send our support team your logo and accent color HEX code, we will configure the Pass design. When finished, we will turn on the Event Pass download link in Engage so that you can download the pass and inspect it. The support team can be reached at

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