The Event Check-in App allows you a quick and easy way to ensure accurate participation records for your campus's events. Since its release, many campuses have quickly become champions of the application, promoting attendance tracking as an integrated part of campus culture. If you are implementing use of the Event Check-in App on your campus, check out these ideas and campus examples regarding marketing use of the app:

Keep your branding consistent by customizing your Event Pass

Before you get ready to launch use of ECIA on campus, be sure to customize your Event Pass! You can change the logo and accent color on your campus's mobile pass to make it more easily recognizable for your users. 

Consider using your institution branding, your engage community name/brand, or an institution logo to help connect users to the application. Check out some campus examples below!

event_pass_example1.png  event_pass_example2.png


Utilize Check-in signage to create familiarity

A number of campuses have chosen to create consistent signage that is displayed at campus events utilizing the Check-in app for attendance tracking. Using a repeated marketing tactic allows for students to begin recognizing these signs across campus and knowing immediately what is going to be expected of them. Campuses employing this strategy say this tactic helps integrate the application into campus culture and makes its usage on campus identifiable. Examples of some of our favorite signage are displayed below!

St. Edwards University



Southern Methodist University


"It is second nature for our students to check into everything now and they know by seeing these signs that it’s an activity they will have to check into." - Adam Cebulski, Director of Assessment and Strategic Initiatives at Southern Methodist University


Create your own training video to play around campus!

Student leaders at Southern Methodist University created their own video to share information about the Check-in App with other students who may be attending their events. The video is shared on social media and is shown on display screens across campus. If queue lines are expected near a place with a screen, the video is shown more frequently in that area. The video is also sent out in preparation for large crowds at events. The video is especially helpful for spreading information about events taking place at night, when signage around campus regarding check-in may be less visible. 

Check out SMU's incredible video below. We hope this inspires you and your students to create your own video that can be used to train your users around campus on a daily basis!


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