Make sure your Engage community and its content look the very best they can by following these recommended image dimensions!

Event  Images

Event images in Engage are designed to appear in the most optimal way. The image you upload will run through an image re-sizer, so you are free to upload an image of any dimension. However, the larger your original image is, the better the quality of the image will be in the site.


To make sure your image looks great, choose a high-resolution photo that's eye-catching, high quality, with a central focal point.

Guidelines for image files
Use the following guidelines to get the highest quality Event Cover Photo.

  • Dimensions: The image should be 1300px by 780px or larger and horizontal in orientation. All images will be cropped to a 1.67:1 aspect ratio.
  • File Type: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and PDF.
  • File Size: Use a photo that's no larger than 10MB.
  • General: Avoid images that have text or logos. PDF files will not have a preview and can not be cropped.

News  Images

Images will be cropped in different views, so for the best experience try to upload an image with the subject in the center. Text in images should be avoided for accessibility reasons.


Organization Profile Pictures

The Organization Profile Picture will also run through an image re-sizer, so you are free to upload any size and dimensions of the image. Remember that the org profile picture appears circular throughout the site, so square-shaped images will work best. Note that the edges of your image will be cropped.


Community Logos

The ideal dimensions for your community logo are 750x150 px. The ideal image type is a .SVG, which has no pixels and is therefore infinitely scalable! Acceptable file types also include .EPS, .PNG (with transparency), or .JPG (with a white border).


Site Cover Photos

Ideal dimensions for your site cover photos are 2600x1400 px. Acceptable file types for your cover photos are .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG with no transparency.


Event Check-in App Pass Customization

Administrators can customize your campus's Event Pass by providing us with a logo and accent color for the pass. Please see the following list of guidelines for the logo.

  • Logo should be in vector format so we can resize it without losing quality. Typically, vector logos are found as .eps or .ai file types. If you cannot provide a vector logo, please provide a transparent .png.
  • Logo should have a width-height ratio between 1:1 to 3:1. In other words, the width should not exceed three times the height.
  • The logo will appear on a white background so please avoid white text.
  • At its smallest, the logo will display at 50 px tall. Avoid small text as it will not be legible at this size. Simpler is better when branding the event pass!
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