The following updates were added to your Student Engagement system between 28 June 2017
and 3 August 2017

New Features

Infrastructure Redesign

Using a distributed services model, the primary infrastructure of the Engage Upgrade enables the development team to independently monitor, scale, and update the core elements of the application (organizations, events, service, etc...) leading to more reliability and performance throughout the year.

Expanded User Experience Areas

To help define clear and specific user paths for different types of users of the application we've create three distinct areas:

An area to explore the engagement opportunities offered by the organizations at the institution.

Manage (Action Center)
An area for users with organization admin permissions and submission process tasks to quickly take care of business.

An area for community-level administrators to configure, monitor, and report on the application.

Each area will continue to be developed and updated over time in order to further emphasize these experiences.

Cumulative Iterations

Since the introduction of the Engage Upgrade the development team has been rapidly responding to feedback from our members, our support and consulting teams, and our performance monitoring suite. These improvements have increased the performance, reliability, and useability of the application.

Event Check-in App

As previewed this spring, we've released a new Event Check-in mobile application that is designed to more securely scale event attendance tracking through the use of network-connected mobile devices. The app is now available to members who've added the capability to their Campus Labs license on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Image_uploaded_from_iOS__2_.jpg   App1.jpeg   App2.jpeg   App3.jpeg

Maintenance Updates
  • Several user experience updates to the Action Center based on member feedback to improve usability and ease of navigation
  • Improvements to the organization registration, form acceptance, and event registration processes; including resolutions to link errors, notification confusion, and approval workflow disruptions
  • Resurrection of errant/missing application entry paths via outside links
  • Reconfiguration of vanity URLs to support the new domain
  • User Interface adjustments to the organization Roster experience
  • Ensured the proper re-direction of former URLs to new URLs
  • Form submission and review user experience improvements
  • Performance and security improvements
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