Welcome to Action Center, your central hub for managing all of your personal to-dos in Engage! Whether you need to approve a form submission, re-register your organization, or create content on behalf of your organization or administrative branch, the Action Center is where you want to go.

Access your personal Action Center by clicking on the Switchboard and navigating to the "Manage" view.


Action Center Home

You will then see a listing of the organizations you are a member of. You also have the ability to register a new organization from this screen.


If you are a branch or community administrator, you will also have an additional ability to search for organizations across the community to quickly oversee or manage content in any org. As a community administrator, you also have quick access to every administrative branch.


On your Action Center homepage, you may also see an aggregated list of items that need your review. These could be form submissions or event requests for which you have been tagged as a reviewer or a final approver. Click on the name of the form or event to enter into the review process.


Managing an Organization

Click on or search for an organization in order to manage its content, including roster, news, events, documents, and more. When you click on an org in Action Center, you will see a summary of the organization's information, including its name, membership total, and primary contact. If the organization is up for re-registration, you will also see that listed here. Click the Menu icon in the upper left hand corner to open up your organization tool menu.


Your org tool menu will show you every tool for which you have access within that organization. You may see as few as one tool or all tools depending on your level of access in that specific org. If you are overseeing an administrative branch, you will also see a section called "Branch Tools," allowing you to oversee the administrative features of the branch.


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