Departments on campus often have unique needs; they have their own groups to manage, students to communicate with, and reports to analyze. Engage enables each division or department to have a separation of powers, manage their day-to-day operations independently of one another, and oversee their students, organizations, and programs.


The community provides the foundation for your private online campus network. Every community is managed by community administrators who have the authority to oversee and manage all aspects of the community, including departments, organizations, and students.

Administrative Branches

The branch relates to a specific office or department on campus and each community may have just one or multiple branches depending on how you choose to structure your community. Every branch has its own administrators with the authority to oversee and manage various aspects of the branch, including:

  • The Event Submission Process
  • Creating and managing Positions to be required of organizations
  • The Organization Registration Process and approving/denying new and re-registering organizations
  • Editing organizations' basic details, including categories, profile photos, descriptions, and contact information


Organizations provide a central, online location for student leaders to more efficiently manage their organizations and members. Organizations are part of the larger campus community and administrators have the ability to oversee and manage their activity.


Each student is registered under their campus community and has access to important resources that allow them to discover programs and organizations on campus. Engage makes it easier for students to engage in campus life and manage their co-curricular involvement.

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