The Switchboard Icon is how users navigate between different views of the site, each view allowing users to accomplish different tasks. To access the Switchboard, click the square icon on the upper right hand corner of your site.


Clicking this icon will allow you to switch back and forth between the three different views within Engage.


Explore View

Explore View is the default view when users log into the community. Clicking on "Explore" will by default take you to the community home page, where users can discover new organizations, events, read news posts, and find ways to get involved. The Explore view is also where users can view organization pages and access content created by organization officers or administrators. Every user in the community will have access to the Explore View.

Manage View

Clicking on "Manage" takes you into your Action Center. From here, you can manage content for your organization or your administrative branch, such as creating, editing, or deleting content, re-registering your organization or reviewing a form submission. The Manage View is also where branch administrators access branch administrative tools, such as setting up organization registrations and position templates. Every user in the community will have access to the Manage View, but what a user sees will vary based on their management permissions across organizations.

Admin View

The Admin View is reserved for your highest level administrators, users who need to manage community-wide settings or oversee specific processes such as Campus-Wide Elections and Co-Curricular Paths. In the Admin View, you can view a full list of organizations across all branches in the community as well as a list of every user. Certain community-wide configuration also takes place in the Admin View, such as site styles and branding, involvement settings, and CCT set-up. Only a subset of users will have access to the powerful Admin View, allowing them to oversee the functioning of the community.

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