We’re excited that you have made the decision to migrate to Engage!

As you prepare for your Engage transition, consider the following.

  1. Watch Intro to Migration Webinar
  2. Set up Authentication
  3. Prepare Branding
  4. Choose a Vanity URL

Intro to Migration Webinar

If you have not already, please watch the Intro to Migration webinar. This webinar provides you what you need to know about preparing your processes for migration into Engage and helpful information about the data migration process. 

Set up Auth

Send the authentication worksheet to your campus IT team to complete. This worksheet contains the information we will need to get authentication setup for your campus. Authentication is a required prerequisite for your campus to begin the migration training process. 

Prepare Branding

The Engage user interface will now support a community logo as a consistent visual anchor across the site to help you connect the community to your campus branding efforts. Community administrators will be able to upload a logo to the community.

The community logo will sit atop a white (#ffffff) background and accepts file types that support transparency. The image will be scaled based on viewing display, so larger images are better.

Minimum image size: 750px x 150px
Ideal aspect ratio: 5:1
Preferred file type: .SVG
Acceptable file type: .PNG (with transparency) or .JPG (with white (#ffffff) in all border pixels)

Choose a Vanity URL

A vanity URL helps promote campus ownership of the community and keeps users on the institution’s domain. Vanity URLs require configuration by campus IT staff.

If your campus would like to add a vanity URL, it’s a great time to think about what you’d like it to be. Generally, vanity URLs follow this format:


Some examples:


Once you’ve picked a vanity, share our technical documentation with your IT team so that they are prepared for the work they need to do to configure the setup once Engage is released to your campus.

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