As you prepare for the Engage upgrade, consider the following.

  1. Prepare branding
  2. Update your advertising to the new default URL
  3. Choose a vanity URL
  4. Enable an informative alert for users
  5. Watch preview videos
  6. Attend (or watch) in-depth webinars

Prepare branding

The Engage user interface will now support a community logo as a consistent visual anchor across the site to help you connect the community to your campus branding efforts. Full Access administrators will be able to upload a logo to the community once the Engage upgrade has been fully released.

The community logo will sit atop a white (#ffffff) background and accepts file types that support transparency. The image will be scaled based on viewing display, larger images are better.

Minimum image size: 750px x 150px
Ideal aspect ratio: 5:1
Preferred file type: .SVG
Acceptable file type: .PNG (with transparency) or .JPG (with white (#ffffff) in all border pixels)

Update your advertising to the new default URL

The default URL of your site will change when the Engage upgrade is complete.

The current format: {campus} 

New format:
US + International: {campus}
Canada: {campus}

Don't worry, users who attempt to goto the URL will be automatically re-directed to the new URL. However you should begin to retire the URL from your advertising.

If you currently use a vanity URL rather than your default URL, don't worry, it will work the same way it does today.

Choose a vanity URL

A vanity URL helps promote campus ownership of the community and keeps users on the institution’s domain. Previously only available at specific license levels in CollegiateLink, vanity URLs are now standard in Engage.

Vanity URLs require configuration by campus IT staff. An administrative page will be visible to Full Access administrators in Engage that describes the process of adding a vanity URL to the community.

If your campus would like to add a vanity URL, it’s a great time to think about what you’d like it to be. Generally, vanity URLs follow this format:

Some examples:

Once you’ve picked a vanity, share our technical documentation with your IT team so that they are prepared for the work they need to do to configure the setup once Engage is released to your campus.

If you already have a vanity URL configured for CollegiateLink it will automatically work with Engage.

Enable an informative alert for users

We’ve added a special message that you can enable for your users via the Alerts feature to let everyone know that the upgrade is coming. To activate this message navigate to: {yoursite}

And look for an alert titled: A New Experience is Coming Soon

You can customize this alert and enable it from the administrative alerts page.

Watch preview videos

We've created quick previews of the Engage user interface so that you can get a feel for the update before it is released. Check out the administrator and organization leader iterations.

Attend (or watch) in-depth webinars

To get in-depth insight on the newest features and changes, consider joining a webinar during the week of June 26th. Webinars will be recorded and available on the support site shortly after their conclusion.

Tuesday, June 27th | What I Need to Know About the Engage Upgrade

Wednesday, June 28th | Meet the Action Center

Thursday, June 29th | Organization Registration & Administrative Branches

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