Whenever possible, you should not make changes to a path once it has been launched to your users. If circumstances require you to make a change, however, please first speak with your consultant. The following article outlines how to make changes to items and how to view the impact of these potential changes. From your Admin view, select the Paths dropdown and then Items.

Modifying Path Items

Click into the item you want to change, and then click the Criteria tab (this tab will not be available on Self-Reported items). On this tab, you will see the existing criteria for this item. To add criteria, click the +Criteria button at the bottom. Add the new criteria using the dropdown boxes. To remove criteria, click the red "X" next to the line you wish to remove.

Once you have added any other new criteria or removed any criteria as necessary, click Update. You will receive a notice screen letting you know your proposed changes may affect a number of path participants. Click Update on the notice screen. 

After updating, you will also see a note alerting you that further changes to the item criteria are locked until it is finished processing and the changes have been decided on. Additionally, a box will have been added to the right side showing showing that the requested changes are being processed.

 Once the system has finished calculating the potential changes, you will see the results of the requested change. Be sure to refresh the page. Pay attention to this screen. Notice in the below example, making this change will result in 4 users gaining credit for the item and 6 others losing credit for the item. It will also have an effect on one other credit in the system, which will now be more difficult to complete due to logic in the path. 

the screenshot displays proposed path item criteria changes

Once you see these changes, you have the option to Accept or Discard them. If you do not do this, the item will remain locked and no change will take place. Click View Completion Criteria. The screen that populates will allow you to accept or deny the changes. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this screen to see both options!

If you accept the changes, you will be prompted to write a message letting users know their credits may be changed due to the change in the Path. You must fill in this message in order for the change to process. Click Send to finalize the process.

  • If you deny the changes, no message needs to be sent and no changes will be made.
  • If you approve the changes, you will then see the record on the right hand side of changes made to the criteria. 
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