The Events tool allows you to manage your organization's events from one central location. This walkthrough will provide you with the information you need to know to successfully manage your organizations events.

Basic Navigation

For all users, the Events list displays the upcoming events going on in your organization. You can view any organization's upcoming events by going to the public-facing page for the organization.

a screenshot of the upcoming events in an organization as displayed on the Explore view of its organization page. Each event is represented with an image, title, date, and location.

Officers or users with access to manage the events tool have an additional set of tools when it comes to managing events. These include the ability to create events, manage event attendance and invite users to events. Continue reading for information of these features!

Creating an Event

To create an event, use the switchboard to navigate to Manage for your organization and select the Events tool. 

Look for the +Create Event button at the top of the page. Remember, you will only see this option if you have full management access over events. For an in-depth walkthrough of the event creation process, view our article on creating an event in your organization.

Managing Events

From your event list in your organization's Manage section, you'll be provided a list of all of the events you have going on, and you can filter by those that are approved vs those that have been cancelled, as well as those that are current or upcoming, those that are past, or by all events. Click on the name of an event to manage it further. If the event is cohosted, you must be a member of the submitting organization for the event in order to manage it. 

a screenshot of the Manage view of an event. Two buttons (Change Details and Cancel Event) are prominently displayed, while a series of smaller options is shown below the event photo.

The "Event Details" Section includes several prominent tools:

Tool Description
Change Details If you need to update information about your event, like changing the date or location, you can do so by clicking "Change Details." This will walk you back through your event request process and allow you to make any changes as necessary. These changes will be resubmitted to your campus administrators to oversee and approve.
Cancel Event If you no longer plan to host this event, "Cancel Event" allows you to send a message to all users who are involved in the event, including invitees. The event will remain on your page but will be listed as cancelled.
View Event Select this icon to switch to the "Explore (public-facing) view of your event. 
Submissions You can view the event request submission(s) for this particular event here. If you ever need to return to the submission to view comments left by other officers of your organization during the event request process, you can do so here.
View Certificate The event certificate is a verified document letting others on campus know that your event has been officially approved.

 You also have the ability to invite users to the event, review RSVPs and track attendance from this page. 

Lastly, this page also displays any associated cohosts of the event as well as any Path items that the event may fulfill. If one or more of your cohosting organizations are frozen or locked, they will appear on this page but not the Explore view of Engage. 



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