Reviewers exist to help you review the content of a user’s submission and give their opinion about whether they think a form submission should be approved or denied. Reviewers can only be added to forms with the approval process enabled. Reviewer feedback does not impact the final approval or denial given by the form administrator, but is there to help inform or influence the form administrator’s decision on a submission. Reviewers function slightly differently for organization-based forms than for community administrative forms. The details of these differences are outlined in the walkthrough below.

Reviewers for Organization Forms

Navigate to the Manage view and select your organization. Open the organization tool menu and select Forms. Click the "Properties" button for the form of interest.

Select the Reviewers tab. You will be provided a list of your current form reviewers. Click the "Add Reviewer" person-shaped icon to see a list of all of your organization members. With organization forms, you can select any member of the organization to be a reviewer on the form, without giving them the ability to approve or deny the submission. Add reviewers to the form by clicking their name. These reviewers will receive notifications about new submissions and will have access to view and comment on form submissions. Only users with full Forms access in the organization (or community administrators) will be able to make final decisions about submissions.

Reviewers for Community Forms

To set up form reviewers for a community form, go to your administrative form by switching to the Admin view, selecting the Configure dropdown and then Forms. Click on the "Properties" button for the form you would like to configure.

Community forms can have either voting reviewers or non-voting reviewers. While any reviewer can read and comment on submissions and only a user with full community-wide can approve a form submission, a voting reviewer can additionally provide feedback using a thumbs up/thumbs down visual to the submission. 

To create a voting reviewer, select the Reviewers tab. Search for the user you would like to add as a reviewer and then click the plus icon to add them as a reviewer. You can also use the list of current reviewers to remove reviewers or notify them that they are reviewers for the form. If using Reviewer Workflow, you would enable this in the same area.  

To create a non-voting reviewer, select the Notifications tab. Follow the same steps to add them to this list. 


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