Reviewers exist to help you review the content of a user’s submission and give their opinion about whether they think a form submission should be approved or denied. Reviewer feedback does not impact the final approval or denial given by the form administrator, but is there to help inform or influence the form administrator’s decision on a submission. Reviewers function slightly differently for organization-based forms than for community administrative forms. The details of these differences are outlined in the walkthrough below.

Reviewers for Community Forms

To set up form reviewers for a community form, go to your administrative form by navigating to the Admin view of the Switchboard, selecting the Configure dropdown, and then Forms.



Click on the form you want edit and click Form Properties in the top right hand corner of the form builder. 



Next, select the Reviewers tab. Use the right side of the page to search for a user, and then click the green plus icon to add them as a reviewer. On the left, you will see the list of reviewers populate.



On top of this list is a "Reviewer Workflow" setting. This allows you to create an order for the review process. If you leave this setting off, the listed reviewers will receive notifications simultaneously as soon as the submission is received and can review a submission at the same time. If you turn workflow on, each reviewer will have a level listed under their name and email. The levels will indicate the order in which reviewers will receive the reviewer notification. For example, all of your "Level 1" reviewers would have to make their recommendations on the form submission before "Level 2" reviewers are notified. When you are finished, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page!


Reviewers for Organization Forms

To configure reviewers for an organization form, navigate to the form through the Action Center of an organization. 


Select the name of the form, and then click Form Properties. Navigate to the Reviewers tab. You will be provided a list of every member of the organization. With organization forms, you can select any member of the organization to be a reviewer on the form, without giving them the ability to approve or deny the submission. Add reviewers to the form by clicking the plus sign next to a user. You will see their name populate in the "Assigned Reviewers" list on the right side of the screen. These reviewers will receive notifications about new submissions and will have access to view and comment on form submissions. Only users with full Forms access in the organization will be able to make final decisions about submissions.


Identifying Reviewers on a Submission Page

To view the reviewers on an individual submission, navigate to the submission page in Action Center and look for the Reviewers section on the right hand side of the page. On organization-based forms, you will see all reviewers listed as "Non-Voting Reviewers." On Community Admin Forms, you may see both "Voting" and "Non-Voting Reviewers," depending on the way reviewers were configured for that particular form. The "hourglass" icon next to a reviewer indicates that user has not yet voted on the submission.


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