Each organization has a primary contact whose name and image will be publicly visible to anyone who accesses their organization's site. Whether it is a vendor that the organization works closely with or an attendee who attended a public event the organization hosted, or an incoming freshman without campus credentials, this provides an avenue for the organization to be easily contacted. Keep in mind that the primary contact's personal information like email address or phone number will NEVER be accessible to an unauthenticated user. If an unauthenticated user accesses an organization's site, they will have the ability to click "Contact" button, where they can send a message to the primary contact regarding the organization.


When an unauthenticated user fills out the contact form they have to pass a reCaptcha challenge to verify that they are a human and not an automated script.


 An authenticated user may be able to view the primary contact's email address or phone number if they have made the choice to show that information to authenticated users in their privacy settings. Those settings can be found in the user menu under Account -> Privacy.


Establishing a Primary Contact

This primary contact is automatically designated as the user who submits the organization registration and can be changed any time throughout the semester by going to the Roster section of your Action Center for the organization. If you are a member seeking to become the primary contact of your organization, an officer of your organization or a campus administrator must promote you to that position.


All that's left to do is to select the member of your organization who will serve as the primary contact. Be sure to inform this person that their name, image, and position will be displayed to other users as well as unauthenticated users who may not be affiliated with your institution. Remind them that their personal information will never be shared with public users and that their privacy settings can be adjusted as mentioned above. 

For Campus Administrators: If private solicitors are using the Primary Contact 'Contact Us' form to reach out to your organizations, and if you'd prefer them not to do so, please contact these solicitors and request they cease and desist contacting your student organizations.  

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