Corq allows you to discover amazing events and groups around campus from your favorite mobile device. Download the app by clicking one of the links below!


Once you have downloaded Corq, you can select the nearest campus to see what experiences are happening nearby. 

 Browse through the upcoming events and even filter based on distance from your location, perks, or the theme of the event!

 After finding the event you're interested in, clicking on the event will allow you to see additional details. From here you can choose to add it to your calendar, find the location of the event, share the event with others, or even RSVP.

Logging into Corq with your campus credentials gives you even more access to great features like what organizations are available on your campus and who to contact if you'd like to get involved.


If you're trying to spread the word about Corq, a pre-set advertisement for the Corq application can be configured to appear in two places on your site. The ad can appear on the user's homepage when they are logged out and on the administrative summary page. If you don't see these in your site and would like to enable them, reach out to your consultant. Whether you're looking for events on campus with free food or an educational session, Corq has you covered! Read more about some of our favorite Corq practices.

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