Google Analytics is a free web service that provides detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources. Coupled with Engage, this resource allows you to to better understand your audience, trace user paths, and see what people are up to. 

Sign up with Google Analytics

The first step towards Google Analytics integration is to sign up with their service. Start by visiting the Google Analytics website and follow the instructions they provide to sign up. If you do not already have a Google account, you will need to create one.

Next, you will be prompted to set up basic settings for the website you’d like to track. See below for our recommended settings for some of the options available to you.

  • Select a tracking method: Universal Analytics is preferred over Classic Analytics because it provides more reporting features and access to new product updates.
  • Account Name: This is the top-level account name that can contain multiple tracking IDs. In most cases, we recommend using the name of your school.
  • Website Name: This is the name of the website you’d like to track. You can have multiple websites under a particular account. We recommend creating a name that easily identifies your Engage system (i.e. Hometown University Engage).
  • Website URL: Change the http dropdown to https and input as the address, where campus = your campus' specific domain. 

Locate your tracking ID

After you establish your settings and agree to Google Analytics’ terms of service, you will be provided access to the Google Analytics dashboard. Next, locate the tracking ID used to connect Analytics with your system. You can find this ID in several places. One method is to select the Admin button in the top right of the Analytics dashboard. Next, choose Tracking Info under the Property column (see screenshot below). This will generate a dropdown on which you should select Tracking Code. This will reveal your tracking ID (i.e. UA-43787301-1). 


Add the ID in Engage

After you’ve located the tracking ID, you’ve done half the work. The next step is to input the ID in Engage. You must have All Access community admin permissions in order to add the code to your system.

To begin, log in to Engage. Next, select the Admin view of your Switchboard, select the Manage tab along the navigation bar, select the Data Sharing tab menu.


Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID and save. At this point, Google Analytics will begin logging traffic in your community.

Changing the tracking code

If you change the Google Analytics tracking code that is currently associated with your Engage System, then your new Google Analytics account will begin tracking the next day and will not display data that was collected using your old code.

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